Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fish Tales

I must tell the story of my fishes' tragic demise. My poor fish, Oscar and John Doe (formally known as Charlie), died suddenly Friday evening. I tried to clean their tank, and they both went belly up in the process. I had Oscar since February. My poor, fat fish..

After my scarring experience, I decided I would invest in a more durable, "hardy" fish. Yes, my dear non-existent audience, I got a betta.

I went on quite the adventure to find the perfect betta. While at Walmart on Friday, I had looked at the bettas (that was before my fish tragically died). They had three brilliant red males.

I started my search early Saturday evening. Andrew (my good friend and fellow adventurer) started at Petco (where the pets go!). It took awhile to find it due to the fact that neither of us knew if it was in East Bay or on State St. When we did finally find it, we got a very good education on bettas, a betta care sheet, and an unexpected call from my father telling me I had to go home because I had locked him out. So there we were, in the midst of making an important fish decision, and I had to go home--fishless.

We finally made it home, let my father and brother in, and took my brother to his swim party. After that, it was off to Walmart. Petco had a outrageous lack of brilliant red bettas that I had seen at Walmart, but upon arriving at Walmart, we found that they only had female bettas left! Frustrated, Andrew and I left for home.

To my delight, Andrew decided we should go to Petsmart to look for bettas. To our dismay, they only had two Crowntail Bettas. So, it was off to Petco again.

At Petco they had a large array of bettas, but no brilliant red ones. It was very frustrating, but, after looking through all of the fish, I finally decided on a brilliant blue betta. The entire way back from Orem, Andrew and I brainstormed all of the names we could possibly think of. We narrowed it down to two. Andrew wanted Bently, and I wanted Damien. I finally won (seeing as it's my fish).

Damien the betta is a fantastic new addition to our family.