Thursday, April 9, 2015

About Me

I realized that even though I started this blog a few years ago, I never formally introduced myself. I feel that with my ever small, but somehow growing audience, I should perhaps say a few words about me.

My name is Hannah. If you haven't gathered that, then have you really read my blog? 

I am a university student in a small university town. I am currently working on a B.S. in Microbiology and will hopefully graduate this coming December. I have worked in labs since my senior year of high school (so four years of being a lab rat!), and I love science. I even work as a teaching assistant in a laboratory class, sharing the love of science with students. To some of you, this may surprise you. I never mention science, I never talk about it here. It is, though, part of who I am. 

Bacterial growth from a student's phone
As you know, I am recently married. My husband and I are renting a small house close to campus. Although we are not allowed any animals, but we were able to keep my betta fish, Burney. You would think that having a fish as a pet is boring, but you'd be surprised. Burney is probably the most active fish I have ever seen. He freaks out when you walk in the room and you can literally play with him. With our living situation, he's a perfect fit.

Burney, our hyperactive fish
I like plants, but and am sometimes obsessed with them. The other times, I forget to water them and then they die or grow weird and look super ugly. I really need to start a routine.

The cool sunflowers I tried to seed and then killed
I ran track in high school. I ran the hurdles and an old track injury led to my surgery this past August. I am super lazy, however, and have not kept up running. I keep telling myself that I'll run when I'm less busy, but it still hasn't happened. Woops.

I love traveling, as you can probably see by my previous posts. I want to see the world and experience culture outside of my hometown "bubble". I love trying new food (but am also scared to). I love going new places and seeing new things.
Me squandering a perfectly good photo-op with Big Ben
During my university experience, I have taken two semesters of theater arts. I like doing theatrical makeup. While that may not come up ever again, it seems important to mention.

That time I grew (made) a beard
Lastly, I love life. I love my family, friends, and my companion in crime, Andy. I hope that the one thing everyone remembers of me is that I loved those around me and tried to make the best of everything. It's something I try to work on.

Andy and I