Saturday, October 27, 2012


I'm back again. After a couple of crazy days, I finally have time to write of my many (well not really), crazy (again not really) adventures!

First, I must bring up a main character (just because he shows up every once in a while). His name is Travis, and he is a man-hoe. Yep. He is. He's a cool kid, but he gets around. He's kissed 8 (last time I checked, give or not take 5) girls since the semester started, and that's just fall semester.. Anyways! He keeps asking me to hang out, I told him I was going on a walk and while on that walk, I saw him with some girl. Twenty minutes later, he was asking if I wanted to hang out again.. seriously? You just got done hanging with some girl? Well guess what! I have a plan. Next time I get really sick, like vomitously sick, I'm going to teach that man-hoe a lesson. Yes, in order to get him sick, I will have to kiss him, but I am ok with that if it gets him sick. Ha! Can you imagine giving a man-hoe the flu by kissing him? It's perfect..

Last night there was a Wyview Halloween party. As usual, as everyone is dressing nice and cute or pretty, I am the one who dresses up as something scary or disgusting. Holland was a poodle skirt girl, Makelle... a punk maybe? Sarah was Luna Lovegood, and I was... a zombie.

I had picked up my costume clothes the night before and needed to distress them properly. Zombies are dirty. Where do you find dirt? In the garden beds. So I went outside and rolled around in the dirt. I rubbed it all over and took the shirt and jumped on it. I admit... people were staring--a lot. One guy got up enough courage to ask what I was doing. I told him I just plain liked rolling in the dirt.

After getting my clothes dirty, I shredded them. I did a fantastic job! The cuts weren't sharp like they had been done with scissors, they were all ragged and frayed. I added bullet holes and knife marks. I also cooked up some blood and spread it on the wounds.

Next, I did my make up. I did everything myself, wounds and all. I did a pretty good job, I must say. I caught people at the party staring at me. One guy was seriously staring at me for a couple of minutes before he finally said I was creepy looking. No really? You sure about that?

There WAS a costume contest, but some other girl named Anna who was a zombie won. I saw her. She was NOTHING compared to me. I was kinda peeved. Oh well :] I perfected my zombie walk by the end of the night and was perfectly happy scaring small children--I mean college students--all night.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Scream, You Scream, We All Kiss for Ice Cream

I was looking at my stats yesterday. There were two page views from the UK. Yes! Shout out you guys! Also worth mentioning were the views from Germany and the Netherlands. Shout out to you guys, too! I feel so cultured and popular. I hope you foreigners are enjoying my posts! Actually, you're probably wondering why I feel the need to publish my boring life. Ah, oh well.

Today was a much better day. I got an 85% on my Chem 105 test! Yes! Actually, that's the lowest I've ever scored on a test, but hey, it's college chemistry. I'll take what I can get.

To celebrate my score, and because my stomach wants food again (got to make up for the calories I missed yesterday), I ate some ice cream, and by some, I mean a lot. This happened last time I bought ice cream, but it was much worse. I bought two half gallon things of ice cream and ate them both within six days. It is a sad life I live.

Ice cream is a loaded food in our apartment. By loaded, I mean really loaded. We have a deal that if one of us kisses a boy, we have to buy a half gallon of ice cream for the rest of the apartment. Sometimes it's a bit annoying. I get asked on a regular basis if I owe my roommates ice cream, but it's not all bad. This arrangement becomes rather fun when it comes to pranks.

The second weekend after school started, my roommates, Holland and Makelle, both left for the weekend. Sarah and I decided to play a prank on them. We went to the store and bought four, that's right, four, things of ice cream and put them in the freezer. When Holland and Makelle came back from their trip, they were shocked.

"Why is there so much ice cream in the freezer?" Holland
"I don't know.." Me
"What did you guys do?!" Makelle
"We had a busy weekend!" Sarah and Me
"DOING WHAT?!" Makelle
"We..we played spin the bottle.." Sarah and Me
"WHY?! You could have said NO!" Makelle
"It was at our house! It was Nate's idea.. Nate would.." Me
"Well who did you kiss!?" Makelle
"Well.. I kissed Zac and--" Me
"Wait, I kissed Zac, too... but it wasn't during spin the bottle." Sarah
"What?! You kissed him, too?!" Me
"You both kissed ZAC?!" Makelle (who has a big crush on Zac) "Who else was there?!"
"Let's see, Zac, Tyson, Nate, Travis--oh, he was my other kiss." Me
"Tyson was there, too?! Why didn't you guys invite me?!" Makelle
"That was Travis? I couldn't tell from the back!" Sarah
"Ya, that was a good kiss.." Me
"Why don't I get invited to these things?! We have to do it again this weekend!" Makelle
"I don't believe you guys.." Holland
"We're sorry.." Sarah and Me
"If you guys are lying.. I'm going to kill you!!" Makelle

It was so worth buying four things of ice cream.. So so worth it..

One of THOSE Days

I don't know who has been reading my posts, but my page views have been climbing to an unimaginable number--just kidding, only five, but still. Maybe I should be more careful about what I put into my posts..or not. Probably not. Nope.

Today has been one of THOSE days. I don't want this to be a whiny post, but honestly, I need to vent. Feel free to laugh because today has been almost a Bad Luck Brian kind of a day.

First off, I had to grab breakfast to go. This may seem like it's not that big of a deal, but it is when you don't realize your stomach is having a fussy day and you try to eat an apple on an empty stomach and you end up almost tossing your cookies--er apples.

I forgot my iclicker for my first class and seeing as I needed to go get it, I thought I would make some soup to calm down my class five hurricane of a stomach while I was home. Mmmmm! Chicken noodle soup! Mind you, it was Campbell's, but hey! Soup! I put it on the stove and heated it up and within five minutes I had a delicious bowl of soup! Or so I thought..

First bite: warm, brothy, flavorful. Swallow: gets stuck. What? There was a hair in my soup. I had swallowed half of it but the other half was hanging out of my mouth and choking me. I tried to pull it out and almost gagged. I ended up having to break it off and swallow the stub completely or risk throwing up. I was grossed out, yes, but I figured it was my hair, so I kept eating.

Second bite: warm,! Another one! This time I spit it out before I choked myself for a second time. I looked at the hair. Definitely NOT my hair. I wanted to puke. TWO hairs in TWO bites! Seriously? That is disgusting. Needless to say, I did not finish my soup.

How could my day get worse? My stomach's discomfort was horrendous, but hey, that was just the same as earlier today. It couldn't possibly get worse. Wrong.

I went to lab meeting today and there was some random guy with a camera. "Hi everyone. I'm making a website for Dr. Robison's lab and I need to get every one's picture." Really? Picture? I didn't do my hair today, I'm pale from being sick and I have a facial expression similar to someone being stabbed in the stomach. Fabulous. Say cheese.

I survive my picture, manage to smile, and as everyone gets up one by one to get their picture taken, lab meeting proceeds. Now, our discussions are serious business--well, not really. We do joke around, but this next moment was serious. We're talking hardcore science when, out of the blue, what happens? I choke... on my own spit. I wasn't eating, wasn't drinking, wasn't talking, nope. I'm just sitting there and I start to choke. I try to hold my breath but then I start choking and making horrible sputtering noises right in the middle of lab meeting. My face turned bright red and tears started to come. I quickly got up and calmly.. ran. To the drinking fountain. I'm a scientist, yep. One that chokes on her own spit.

The last order of not so fantastic business was the review session I went to. This week is my Chem 105 test (which I should be studying for right now). Anyways, I'm super nervous about this test. I don't really understand a few of the concepts and my TA taught us wrong, so now I am twice as confused. I decided to go to the review session today. I figured my need was dire enough to struggle through gastrointestinal pain to listen to someone reteach me about the things I'm struggling with. I sit down and this TA starts out by saying, "Hi, my name is ****. This is my first year TAing. I took Chem 105 four years ago." Wait, what? Four years ago? And you expect to teach us? Well maybe this guy is pro chemist now! Nope.

He starts teaching us and at one point says, "Now, do you guys know how to do this? Good, because I don't remember." Excuse me? We're putting our trust in you to teach us what we need to know on the test and you don't remember? I'm sitting here, holding back pain so I can listen to us teach you? Oh no, no. I left. Yep. I just plain couldn't do it.

I went home, and that was when my day got better. I could sleep. The best time of day is that time in which you are unconscious. Well, at least on THIS particular kind of day. Have good days, readers. Have good days.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Don't Worry, You Can Outrun the Cops"

My latest adventure was quite...adventurous. Last night my friend, Ash, invited me to go get food with him and his friend. It was about one in the morning. I agreed to go. We ended up at McDonalds and after an absurd amount of greasy french fries, Ash asked if I wanted to learn to longboard. I have been asking him to teach me to longboard for about two weeks now. Of course I wanted to learn to longboard!

Ash, Sterling, and I all piled in the car and Ash and Sterling began arguing about where to go longboarding. They decided on "the garage". Sounds like an interesting place to be.. First thing they tell me when we pull up:

"Ok, so when we get in there, look out for the security guard; he drives around at night. If you see him, just pick up your board and run for the stairs. The stairs are on the south side. You can run faster than he can drive down, so just book it. We'll meet back at the car. Don't worry about it. There aren't usually cops, just the security guard. All he can do is tell you to leave, but sometimes he calls the cops."

...I'm sorry, what? Cops? Is this even legal? No.. no it's not.

Luckily we didn't run into any cops, just some burnout druggy guy that Sterling knew from work. All in all, the night was fun! I learned to longboard and was actually not that bad. I did wipe out once. Sterling made me take his helmet so he didn't have to take me to the emergency room. We made one complete run and then headed home.

The night wasn't over yet.

Earlier that night, I had been talking to my friend, Gavin, about how I had burned my lip making mashmellows over the stove (risky business that is). We were joking about how I was emotionally scarred for life. He asked if there was anything he could do and I said I needed a shoulder to cry on at 3 in the morning. He agreed. So, when I got back from longboarding, Gavin and I went on a walk. He had set an alarm for 3:30 and gotten up just to talk to me. He knew I didn't actually need a shoulder to cry on. It was way cute. We walked and talked and then went stargazing and ended up star-tipping. It was about 4:30 by the time I went home and stayed home.

Long night, but it was well worth it. I do have a few bruises, though. I feel so hard core.

Miss Me?

I am back, and as witty in writing as ever! While I do apologize for taking such a long leave of absence, I would like to start by saying, boy have I missed writing! I've missed being able to pour my feelings out in a public domain, have the pleasure of publishing it, and then being confident that no one will read it. That is one of the perks of being a small blog with two followers (shout out to you guys!).
So, to catch you up on what has been happening in my life, I have started college. I attend a private, church funded university. I am majoring in microbiology (saving the world one bacillus at a time!). I live in on campus housing with my three fabulous roommates Sarah, Holland, and Makelle. I enjoy living with them, but I must say, living on your own without parents to provide meals and keep the house clean is hard. I also never thought I would miss my mother nagging me to do my homework and go to bed. I'll admit that without my mother, I have fallen way behind on homework AND have not gone to bed before three for about a month. I am mucho sleep deprived.
On the bright side, college is a blast! I've met so many new people! I've had many adventures, too. Slenderman pretty much sums up most of the adventures. That is an insanely terrifying game. I ask everyone I meet if they have played it, and if they haven't... I fix that. My other adventures are pretty thrilling, too. For example, just last night I snuggled with a baby cow. Yes, believe it. I am so bad A.
Well, catching you up with ALL of my stories thus far would take way to long. I apologize, but you're just going to have to trust that my life is pretty good and also that I will tell you all my adventures from this point on. This is my new daily journal, since I pretty much spend all my time on the computer anyways.
Thankful as ever for your loyalty,