Friday, July 29, 2011

Girls & Furry Friends

This is the wonderfully silly song the YCLs (Kenna, Kajsia, Bailey, and I) sang for girls camp.

Earth, wind, fire, ice.
I must always strive to be nice.
I am just a girl.
I am not a boy.
And when I do the right thing
I play with my toy

I love girls camp. It is the very best.
It is so so so so much better, then the best.

Girls camp is good!
We get to eat food!
We are nice to the animals;
We are never rude.
Girls camp is fun!
Don't want to go home.
'Cause with all you hear and my furry friends
I know I'm never

I love hiking, just not when it's hot.
So lets all hope it's
Not that hot.
I love our leaders, and also YCLs.
If they weren't here, camp wouldn't go to well

I love girls camp. It is the very best.
It is so so so so much better, then the best.


Our song was a hit. Kenna played guitar, I signed, we all echoed "ICE" throughout the whole thing, and we all sang the last chorus in monotone. Joyous occasion.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I Think About..

My chemistry teacher lied. He said that only nerds work in labs. I am pleased to report (to my non-existing audience) that after a few weeks of considering the possibility, I have come to the conclusion that he was indeed, wrong. One of the hottest guys works in my lab. To bad I work at BYU. That means that the youngest he could possibly be is 21. Oh joy..

Monday, July 4, 2011

Small and Simple Summer

The sweet smell of rain
and the cold touch of wet grass
on bare feet.
Watching a small plant
grow and finally burst forth
its first bloom.
The loud, rhythmic sound of a
lawn mower.
The soft wisp of a startled
sparrow taking flight.
Coming in from a hot day
and feeling the cold
air on your sun baked body.
The rush of a sudden breeze
whipping your limp hair
from your face.
The whizz of bike wheels
as a child speeds up to catch
friends ahead.
The cool, drippy popsicle
that parches even the most
dry of mouths.
Waking up late and,
knowing you have no where to
go or be,
turning over and
drifting back to my favorite
place--dream land.
The best of all these great things:
being with those
that you care for most.
Family and Friends.