Sunday, May 8, 2011


Open on a typical, spring walk in the park. The birds are singing, bees buzzing, and I'm sitting on the edge of the abnormally high Hobble Creek with one of my best buddies, Andrew. Silly Andrew: monotone voice and exceptionally funny and unexpected comments. We had just finished talking about something, I don't recall what, and were sitting silently listening to the river when Andrew suddenly says, "Is that a BEAVER?"
You can never tell when Andrew is being serious or kidding, so I start to teasingly say no when I look up to see a mass of fur dip back into the river. It WAS a beaver!!
When we were younger, we used to tease our friend Marie Terry and tell her there was a beaver living in the Hobble Creek. She was always terrified. Turns out, we were right...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer Days

Summer days are filled with outdoor activities. Among those is yard work--weeding. I did that today. I helped clean up Spring Creek Park for THREE HOURS! Actually, it was about an hour. After that Julie and I got bored and made dandelion crowns, drooled and the indescribably hot Chase, and then left early. I think it was a fine day to make up three hours of detention.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And So It Continues...

Finally, after serious writers block, a few bad dates, some hurdle incidents, an unhealthy amount of running, and some comfort food, I am back. I have returned to write more blog posts about funny nothings and complaints to my non-existent audience. This post, though, is neither of those. This post is going to be my ticket to stardom. I am, for the first time ever, publishing my very first song (only because it was required of Mr. Frewin) written for the guitar.

A7          D7              A7          A7
That boy over there... is such a show off.
D7          D7             A7          A7
That boy over there... is SUCH a show off.
E7          D7             A7         E7
Sometimes I want to scream F OFF!

(Note: the last line was changed to I've had e-noff to satisfy a larger range of listeners and to satisfy my religious beliefs)

I'll see you all on the top of the charts in a few years ;)